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Our rack integration services

Regardless of how complex your IT infrastructure is, we at Project Watchers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding rack integration service

Rack Design Layout

When it comes to designing your rack layout, we pay close attention to every detail and produce drafts and final layout for your review. We also include an entire rack level engineering diagram (BOM) in accordance to the networking device power socket, the server and the data port positions.

Inventory check

We keep track of your entire inventory and label it accordingly before mounting your equipment in our racks. Our professional labelling technique prevents any confusion and prompt access to equipment for future repair and maintenance.

Receive hardware

Every client is valuable to us, which is why we take our rack integration services seriously and ensure that we do the job right the first time. Therefore, we will receive all your equipment and carefully unpack it for rack mounting and assembly.

Cables supplied

Once your hardware/server is stacked properly, our professional technicians will connect the data and power cords as per the layout diagrams. You don’t need to worry about supply the cables because we stock an extensive variety of cables that best suits all kinds of equipment.

Rack Mounting & Assembly

Our ‘Rack and Stack’ services will remove the need for labour-intensive tasks that might take place whenever a new storage device, server cluster of a networking gear is installed.

Intra-Cabinet Cabling

We realise that Intra-Cabinet cabling can be a daunting task and in order for your servers to work properly and efficiently, it is essential that you employ a professional rack integration company such as ours who has several years of experience.

Documented Cable List

We firmly believe in practising absolute transparency and integrity with our clients, which is why we provide a comprehensively documented cable list that accompanies all you rack systems.

Layout Documentation

All our rack integration systems accompany layout documentation for both hardware and software. Our layout documentations are strictly governed to make sure that timely updates take place as the changes are executed.

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Rack Integration

We take care of every aspect concerning rack integration from supplying and installing the right sized DC power cabling to power-up and confirmation of power supplies for your equipment.

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Your IT Mission

We focus on your unique IT mission and strive to eliminate unpredictability through our sophisticated designs and professional installation service.

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Your Equipment Ready

Our technical staff will make sure that your equipment is powered up, and ready to be commissioned by your technicians.

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